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Versalis partners with Genomatica and Novamont to produce biobased butadiene [Registered]

Versalis, a chemicals subsidiary leader in the production of elastomers, is partnering with Genomatica (a leading developer of process technology for renewable chemicals), and Novamont (a leader in biodegradable plastics and pioneer in third generation integrated biorefineries) to produce biobased butadiene. Butadiene is a raw material used in the production of rubber for tires, electrical appliances, footwear, plastics, asphalt modifiers, additives for lubricating oil, pipes, building components, and latex. The partnership, on the basis of which a joint venture is established, will develop a comprehensive ‘end-to-end’ process for production of polymer-grade butadiene from biomass. Versalis will hold a majority interest…

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