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US sugar beet grower produces a record yield of 176 tonnes/ha [Registered]

A Californian sugarbeet grower, Mr. Ben Abatti, Jr. of Baja Farms, was honoured at the California Beet Growers annual meeting in February for setting a new yield world record with the cultivar 4521R from Betaseed. Beet yield from Mr Abatti’s 70 acre (28.3 ha) field averaged 78.71 (short) tons/acre (176 tonnes/ha), with sugar content of 15.89%. Beet sugar yield was 11.35 tonnes/ac or 28 tonnes/ha. Mr Abatti who conducts his own in-house field trials before planting large acreage of any cultivars, stated during the award ceremony that the cultivar “4521R is just a great workhorse that does well, yielding tremendous…

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