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Uhde Inventa-Fischer expands into production of biodegradable polybutylene succinate [Registered]

The engineering company Uhde Inventa-Fischer – a leader in polcondensation technology – has expanded its product range to include the state-of-the-art polybutylene succinate (PBS) technology. The PBS biopolymer is produced from succinic acid and butanediol in a continuous polycondensation process. The technology uses Uhde Inventa-Fischer’s proprietary patented 2-reactor process, which includes the two reactors, ESPREE® and DISCAGE®, and enables high-quality granulate to be produced in an energy-efficient and resource-conserving manner. Uhde Inventa-Fischer offers its customers plants with a production capacity of at least 40,000 tonnes of PBS polymer a year. The polymer is biodegradable and has properties comparable to those…

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