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The sucrose crystal: Effect on processing [Full subscriber]

Investigating the form and shape of sucrose (S) crystals started in 1843; remarkable results were published by Kucharenko and Phelps in 1928 and 1932 (Powers, 1969-1970). In 1959 Powers mentioned needle shaped S crystals, adding that impurities such as raffinose (a trisaccharide found in beet), gums, and degradation products from the post-harvest deterioration of cane could be involved. (Kamoda et al, 1968) found needle shaped crystals, elongated along the c-axis, in low-grade refinery massecuites; pan boiling and centrifugal operations were slowed down and the purity of final molasses increased. Raw sugars containing needle-shaped crystals produced needle-shaped crystals in the refinery.…

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