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Thailand – Decline in fuel ethanol use [Registered]

Fuel ethanol consumption in Thailand in July 2011 was 1.341 million litres per day. The July volume was 1.93% lower than in June 2011 and 5.92% higher than in July 2010. Overall gasoline consumption fell from 20.761 million litres per day to 19.764 million, a 4.80% drop. Most of the difference came from gasoline 95 (-13.62%). Gasohol consumption (E-10, E-20 and E-85) totaled 12.523 million litres per day, compared with 12.827 million in June 2011 and 12.234 million in July 2010. The reference price for fuel ethanol sales for August 2011 was fixed at THB23.65 per litre ($791 per m3),…

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