International Sugar Journal

Machine learning exploited to engineer yeast to produce itaconic acid [Full subscriber]

Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have engineered the oleaginous yeast Yarrowia lipolytica to produce the platform chemical itaconic acid using data integration and supercomputing power as a guide.

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Light-dependent enzyme promotes drop-in fuels production from cellulosic feedstock [Full subscriber]

Using an unusual, light-dependent enzyme and a newly discovered enzymatic mechanism, researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark and Massachusetts Institute of Technology have succeeded in producing drop-in fuel from lignocellulosic feedstock.

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Bioengineered yeast turns food waste fats into butanol [Registered]

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have successfully recycled food waste into butanol via engineered yeast in a laboratory. The researchers, who secured SG$300,000 (US$222,831) from Singapore’s National Environment […]

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Yeast engineered to produce lipids and polymers from sugar [Registered]

The development will lead to new precursors for biofuels, specialty polymers, adhesives and fragrances.

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New strain of yeast effective for waste water treatement [Registered]

The strain is said to be effective against nitro compounds which are used in explosives, herbicides, insecticides, polymers, dyes, and some medications. The research was conducted with the use of widely known trinitrotoluene (TNT).

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Biofuel production enhanced by bioengineered yeast [Registered]

The lead researcher Hal Alper and his team have engineered a special type of yeast cell, Yarrowia lipolytica, and significantly enhanced its ability to convert simple sugars into oils and fats, known as lipids, that can then be used in place of petroleum-derived products.

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