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UK – 2020/21 campaign – Beet growers report massive yield drops due to virus yellows [Full subscriber]

With the 2020/21 campaign in full swing, beet growers in some regions have seen yields drop by 70% and some growers are considering switching to other crops according to Farmers Weekly.

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France – 2020/21 campaign – Early indications show disastrous fall in sugar beet production from yellow virus infection [Full subscriber]

With the 2020/21 campaign underway, the French sugar beet research institute ITB says that nationally, beet yields will be down by 17% compared to the five-year average, dropping to 72 t/ha with the sugar content of 16%. This may be a conservative figure, according to local press reports.

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UK- Breakthrough in developing yellow-virus resistant sugar beet varieties [Full subscriber]

Sugar beet varieties resistant to virus yellows could be available to growers within three years – helping to secure the viability of the crop without neonicotinoid seed treatments, according to the local Farmer’s Weekly.

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