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Renmatix attracts investment from Bill Gates and Total for its cellulosic sugars technology [Registered]

The US based start-up Renmatix has secured US$14 million from Business magnate Bill Gates and energy giant Total to support commercialization of its proprietary Plantrose® supercritical hydrolysis technology for converting lignocellulosic feedstock into cellulosic sugars. The produced sugars can be sourced for conventional fermentation processes to produce biofuels and chemicals.

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France – Total to convert another refinery into a biorefinery [Registered]

The French refiners have made losses of 3.5 billion euros ($3.8 billion) over the past six years, reported Bloomberg. The planned closure of the La Mède site follows the end of refining operations in Reichstett (Bas-Rhin), Dunkerque (Nord), Petit-Couronne (Seine-Maritime) and Berre (also Bouches-du-Rhône) over the last four years.

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Total funds Renmatix supercritical water process conversion technology to produce cellulosic sugars [Registered]

The merit of Renmatix’s Plantrose® process is that it is biomass agnostic. While the company is working on variety of feedstocks, from municipal solid waste to wood waste to agricultural residue, a spoke person for the company says “woody biomass will be the first feedstock we go commercial with, because it has well established supply chains in the Pulp & Paper industry and the industry is looking to evolve”.

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