International Sugar Journal

Tate & Lyle launches new low-calorie sugar allulose [Registered]

Allulose, itself, is not new. The low-calorie sugar was identified more than 70 years ago and is found in small quantities in everything from figs to raisins. Tate & Lyle officials say allulose is similar to sucrose, glucose or fructose, but food and beverage makers will determine how to label products made with it.

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Japan to import 600-700 tons of stevia from Paraguay [Registered]

With sweetener power of stevia being 150 greater than sugar, in equivalent terms, imports of 600 tons stevia replaces 90,000 tons of sugar. According to FO Licht data, sugar production, consumption and imports in Japan in 2014/15 were 715,000, 2,100,000 and 1,400,000 tonnes, respectively.

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