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Brazil – São Martinho invests in 5G “smart farming” technology [Full subscriber]

Vivo Empresas, the corporate segment of Telefônica Brasil (VIVT3) and Ericsson will be the connectivity and technology suppliers for the 5G Smart Farming project conceived by the sugar-ethanol group São Martinho for the development of technologies to support both agricultural and factory operations.

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Brazil – Raízen and São Martinho to buy sugarcane from Furlan Plant [Registered]

Raízen Energia, a joint venture between Cosan and Shell, and São Martinho Group have signed a 20-year agreement to jointly acquire sugarcane from Usina Açucareira Furlan in Santa Bárbara do Oeste (Sao Paulo state), in a transaction worth BRL118 million (US$305 mln) according to Valor Economico.

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Brazil – Sao Martinho to reduce ethanol output in favour for sugar in 2015 [Registered]

In its annual income statement, Sao Martinho said that 52% of the 19.5 million tonnes of cane it plans to crush this year would be devoted to sugar production, with 48% left over for ethanol.

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