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US DoE offers US$59 million to expand biofuels production to decarbonise transportation sector [Full subscriber]

The US Department of Energy (DoE) said on June 1 that it would provide US$ 59 million to accelerate the production of biofuels for hard-to-decarbonise sectors such as aviation, marine and rail.

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USA – DOE awards US$64.7 million for biofuels research to decarbonize aviation and shipping sectors [Full subscriber]

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced on 9th September US$64.7 million in funding for projects focused on producing cost-effective, low-carbon biofuels.

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Australia – Researcher secures US$3.2 mln grant to produce biofuels from cane bagasse [Registered]

The researcher Dr Ian O’Hara said his project aims to develop technology to convert bagasse into high-value fuels that can be used by the US Navy for helicopters, planes and vessels.

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Breakthrough in artificial intelligence claimed by US researchers [Registered]

While the progress in neural networks has been promising, there’s still a long way to go before super intelligent machines rise to over throw human civilization. Again, their artificial neural network was described as containing approximately 100 synapses. The human brain is composed of about one quadrillion synapses — that’s a 1 followed by 15 zeros.

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Finland invests in a new plant to pilot biobased products [Registered]

This facility is claimed to be the largest bioeconomy research unit in Nordic countries. It will serve the needs of process and product development operations of companies and projects implemented by VTT and its research partners.

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USA – BP pulls the plug on UC Berkeley’s biofuels research institute [Registered]

Now, with almost $100 million still unspent, BP is exercising its contract option to pull nearly a third of its funding for 2015, and more in the remaining two years (of the original 10 year funding).

At Berkeley, that means ending some key research, the early elimination of up to 20 current post-doctorate positions, the layoff of more than half the support staff—and a search for other energy companies to fund its biofuel research.

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