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Australia – Re-regulation of the sugar industry stifling overseas investment   [Registered]

Australia’s commitment to foreign investment is on trial in northern Queensland where cane growers appear determined to corrode their already shaky relations with Singapore-based Wilmar International, reported the Australian Financial Review.

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Australia – Wilmar upbraids trade minister over Queensland sugar regulation [Registered]

Informed sources told the paper that during a recent trade mission to Singapore, an executive from Singapore-based agribusiness giant, Wilmar International, which operates eight sugar mills in Queensland, expressed his displeasure to Mr Robb on the matter.

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Discovery of plant switch regulating photosynthesis could boost crop production [Registered]

Cyclic electron flow around photosystem I (CEF) is critical for balancing the energy budget of photosynthesis, but its regulation is not well understood. Researchers were able to shot that hydrogen peroxide, which is produced as a result of imbalances in chloroplast redox state, acts as a signaling agent to activate CEF in higher plants in vivo.

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