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Ecuador – Growers secure over 10% increase in cane price to US$35.05 [Full subscriber]

The Government of Ecuador announced on 27th June that cane growers will now receive US$35.05/t cane, an increase of 10.6% from US$31.70. According to local press reports, this is the first increase in seven years.

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UK – Growers to receive 15% less for their beet in 2016/17 [Registered]

The details on price, volume and haulage that were thrashed out for 2016-17 are as follows:
•Contract beet price (CTE) – £20.30 per tonne
•Industrial beet price (ICE) – £20.30 per tonne
•Surplus beet price – Not confirmed, announcement to be later in the year

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Pakistan – Sindh government subsidises provinces cane growers to the tune of US$38.3 million [Registered]

Sindh government had notified sugar cane price at PKR 182 per 40 kg. The millers did not accept the government decision and had started paying PKR 155 rate to the cane growers.

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