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Bayer and Ginkgo Bioworks partner to develop N-fixing in non-leguminous crops [Registered]

The chemical giant Bayer and the biotech start-up Ginkgo Bioworks are partnering to form a new company focused on the plant microbiome paving way for sustainable agriculture.

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Discovery of endophytes supporting nitrogen fixation in non-leguminous crops shows promise [Registered]

This endophyte-plant relationship is partly a matter of speed in adaptation. “Plants have a limited ability to genetically adapt to rapid environmental changes (heat, drought, toxins, or limited nutrients) and so they may use microbes that do have this capacity to rapidly evolve due to their vastly shorter life cycles,” she explained. “By having the right microbes for the conditions, the plants are healthier. That is how it is similar to humans taking probiotics to improve their health.”

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