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Nitrogenase effective in converting carbon dioxide into biofuels [Registered]

University of California, Irvine molecular biologists have discovered an effective way to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbon monoxide (CO) that can be adapted for commercial applications like biofuel synthesis.

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Scientists present new insight into hydrogen production by cyanobacteria [Registered]

Using genome-scale transcript and protein profiling, the team study presented and tested a new hypothesis on the metabolic relationship between oxygenic photosynthesis and nitrogenase-mediated H2 production in Cyanothece 51142. The results, reported in an open-access paper in Nature’s Scientific Reports, show that net-positive rates of oxygenic photosynthesis and increased expression of photosystem II reaction centers correspond and are synchronized with nitrogenase expression and H2 production.

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Researchers successfully produce ammonia from ambient nitrogen via a catalyst [Registered]

“This is a big-deal reaction, turning nitrogen into ammonia under ambient conditions,” said the lead researcher Mercouri G. Kanatzidis. “Scientists have been fascinated by the biological enzyme nitrogenase, which catalyzes the reaction in nature, for more than 60 years. Now we have created a successful mimic of nature’s process.”

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