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USA – As the biofuels mandate bill for oil refiners soars, Trump’s advisor calls for change [Registered]

Oil refiners shelled out a record over US$2 billion to meet US biofuels requirements in 2016, a 70% increase that is fuelling a growing debate over who should shoulder the costs for meeting environmental regulations, reported Reuters.

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Argentina – Ethanol blend in gasoline increased to 12% [Registered]

The additional ethanol would be exclusively derived from sugarcane, President Mauricio Macri said at a news conference in Tucuman, Argentina’s main-sugar producing region.

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Brazil – Ethanol blend in gasoline increased to 27% from 25% [Registered]

The higher blend is the latest of several measures taken by the government expected to have a positive effect on the industry’s bottom line going forward.

In the past years, local firms such as Raizen , Biosev, Bunge, Sao Martinho and Guarani have struggled to post consistent and robust profits as rising production costs combined with government gasoline subsidies have squeezed mills’ margins.

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