International Sugar Journal

AkzoNobel collaboration supports sustainable coating solutions from lignocellulose [Full subscriber]

Researchers from the University of Groningen and the Dutch multinational company AkzoNobel have succeeded in developing a process to convert lignocellulosic feedstock into a high-quality coating which in performance terms is comparable to current petrochemical-derived industrial coatings.

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Pre-treatment of biomass with plasma discharges fosters biogas productivity [Full subscriber]

The cost-effectiveness of biogas production from biomass is limited by the presence of polymeric structures, which are recalcitrant to digestion by bacteria. Therefore, pre-treatments must often be applied prior to anaerobic fermentation to increase yields of biogas. Now, researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Plasma Science and Technology are testing plasma formation in biomass with, they say, promising results.

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Pine needles from Christmas trees turned into valuable products [Registered]

A chemical engineer at the University of Sheffield has found that useful products (e.g. paint and sweeteners) can be made from the chemicals extracted from pine needles of Christmas trees when processed.

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