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USA – Sugar program under threat from bipartisan bill [Registered]

A bipartisan group of lawmakers on 7th November introduced legislation in the House and Senate that would overhaul the U.S. sugar program. The Republican representative Virginia Foxx plusDemocrats Earl Blumenauer and […]

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Australia – Canegrowers in Queensland secure right of say in sugar marketing [Registered]

The parliament has backed canegrowers, some of whom feel they are powerless against the mills that process and market their sugar and want the government to once again protect them. The legislation includes a “pre-contract arbitration” clause, which basically gives growers the right to enter industrial relations-style adversarial arbitration if the mills and the growers disagree over terms. The legislation also creates a vague new right for growers – which did not even exist under the old system – to have some say over sugar’s marketing efforts.

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Thailand – Industry minister calls for changes to the Cane and Sugar Act to foster building of new sugar mills [Registered]

“The zoning plan that Commerce Minister Chatchai Sarikalaya is managing will increase the number of sugarcane plantations to replace rice fields in the central and northeast regions, so the current 80-km zoning will be too far and it could be reduced down to around 50 km, which is one of the options that we will propose to the Cabinet,” he said.

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