International Sugar Journal

Palladium-copper catalyst enhances carbon dioxide-to-methanol conversion [Registered]

Researchers at Penn State University claim to have made significant strides in converting carbon dioxide into methanol by developing a new catalyst that uses a specific formulation of palladium and copper.

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Johnson Matthey and Rennovia commence production of glucaric acid at its new mini-plant [Registered]

In March 2014, both companies announced their collaboration to develop and commercialize production technology for biobased glucaric acid and adipic acid. Under the collaboration, Rennovia and JM Davy will work together to develop and demonstrate the processes based on Rennovia’s technology for the catalytic aerobic oxidation of glucose to glucaric acid, as well as the catalytic hydrogenation of glucaric acid to adipic acid. The goal of the collaboration is to develop and jointly license a technology package enabling commercial production of these chemical products.

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