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US Supreme Court rejects bid for year-round E15 sales [Full subscriber]

The US Supreme Court on 10th January, without comment, refused to hear an ethanol industry appeal to reinstate year-round sales of E15, gasoline containing 15% ethanol. A federal appeals court ruled in July ’21 that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), acting at the direction of then-President Trump, exceeded its authority in approving summertime sales of E15 in 2019.

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USA – Corn growers cheers lifting of summer ethanol ban [Full subscriber]

The Trump administration lifted restrictions on the sale of higher ethanol blends of gasoline on 31st May, keeping a campaign promise to farmers suffering from the trade war with China but drawing a legal threat from the oil industry and environmental groups.

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USA – EPA unveils a plan to increase ethanol-gasoline blend to 15% [Registered]

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 12th March released its proposed rule ending the summertime ban of higher-ethanol blends of gasoline, a move requested by President Donald Trump to help corn growers that supply the raw material for the biofuel.

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