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Nigeria – AFC injects US$200 million in BUA Groups new build sugar project [Full subscriber]

Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Africa’s leading infrastructure solutions provider, has approved a US$200 million to complete BUA Group’s vertically integrated sugar facility in Lafiagi, Kwara State, Nigeria.

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India – BK Birla Group invests US$11.8 mln in a new distillery [Full subscriber]

After several failed attempts to sell its sugar business, the BK Birla Group is setting up a distillery at an estimated cost of INR800 million (US11.8 mln) to make the unit viable, according to local press reports.

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Transforming distillery wastewater into energy storage [Registered]

University of Colorado Boulder engineers have developed an innovative bio-manufacturing process that uses a biological organism cultivated in brewery wastewater to create the carbon-based materials needed to make energy storage cells.

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India – Dalmia Bharat Sugar to invest US$24 mln to expand capacity [Registered]

The cane crushing capacity will be expanded to 6000 tonnes per day (tcd) from the current 5000 tcd, while cogen capacity is increased from 15 MW to 26 MW.

Further, Dalmia Sugar is setting up a new distillery with capacity of 60 kilo litre per day.

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