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Brazil – Sao Martinho considers producing corn ethanol at its sugar mill [Registered]

With four sugarcane mills, the São Martinho Group is considering adding a corn ethanol unit at its mill São Martinho Mill in Pradopolis, Sao Paulo state, to boost ethanol production, reported Reuters.

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Brazil sees a brighter outlook for ethanol as US corn output is expected to fall significantly [Registered]

Brazilian sugar mills are closely watching the 2019 U.S. corn crop for reduced harvests that could boost prices for the cereal, raising ethanol production costs there and opening room for Brazilian ethanol to gain domestic market share, reports Reuters.

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Brazil – Expansion in corn ethanol production boosted by corn production [Full subscriber]

Following a bold move by a group of investors in 2014 to embark on building Brazil’s first ethanol plant based 100% on corn, five years on, the group has doubled capacity in the initial plant, built a second unit and announced plans for three more, as Brazilian farmers ramp up corn production, reported Reuters.

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