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The evolution and future of automation [Registered]

Go, a game of strategy and instinct considered more difficult to master than chess, was created roughly in the same era as the written word. Last year, a computer program called AlphaGo defeated an internationally ranked professional player.

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Engineers create a better way to boil water with industrial applications [Registered]

The concept could be useful in two ways, researchers say – either to boil water and create steam more readily, like in a boiler or a clothing iron; or with a product such as an electronics device to release heat more readily while working at a cooler temperature

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Advances in development of quantum computer – Google shows interest [Registered]

Unlike classical computing, in which the computer bits exist on one of two binary (“yes/no”, or “true/false”) positions, qubits can exist at any and all positions simultaneously, in various dimensions. It is this property, called “superpositioning,” that gives quantum computers their phenomenal computational power, but it is also this characteristic which makes qubits prone to “flipping,” especially when in unstable environments, and thus difficult to work with.

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