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Breakthrough in cost-effectively separating biobutanol in the ABE process [Full subscriber]

An international team of researchers have claimed to have made a key breakthrough with the development of a new metal organic framework, or MOF, that can efficiently separate biobutanol from the broth of fermented biomass needed for the fuel’s production.

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Sn-ceria catalyst effective in producing 4-heptanone from ABE mixture [Full subscriber]

Researchers from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University have succeeded in the catalytic conversion of aqueous ABE (acetone, n-butanol, and ethanol) fermentation broth to phase-separable 4-HPO with ~86% selectivity and ~70% conversio

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Celtic Renewables secures US$750,000 for its pilot biobutanol plant [Registered]

Celtic Renewables, in partnership with the Ghent-based BioBase Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), produced the first samples of biobutanol from waste products generated from Scotland’s £4 billion a year malt whisky industry, namely pot ale (copper-containing liquid from the stills) and draff (spent barley grains).

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