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Russia – Kristall orders two steam dryers from EnerDry

The Danish company EnerDry recently reported sale of two 2 size J steam dryers to the Russian company Kristall.

These two dryers will have a total capacity of 141 t/h water evaporation. It is claimed to be the world’s biggest steam drying plant. Until recently, Nakskov in Denmark has been the record holder of the world’s largest steam dryer (71 t/h water evaporation).

EnerDry, a specialist in the supply of beet pulp steam dryers, have in the last 5 years sold nine units to beet sugar factories worldwide.

In welcoming the sale, CEO of EnerDry Arne Sloth Jensen said “We are very happy, that our increased sale of steam dryers is a result of increasing realization in the industry that steam drying of the beet pulp, is the technology of the future.”