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Researchers mobilize a fungi and bacteria to process cellulosic feedstock into isobutanol [Registered]

Researchers at University of Michigan have successfully combined capabilities of Trichoderma reesei (a fungus) and bioengineered bacteria Escherichia coli to process lignocellulosic feedstocks to produce isobutanol. Gallon for gallon, isobutanol gives off 82 percent of the heat energy gasoline provides when burned, compared to ethanol’s 67 percent. Ethanol also has a tendency to absorb water, corroding pipelines and damaging engines, but isobutanol doesn’t mix easily with water. While ethanol serves as a mixer in the gasoline infrastructure today, many researchers argue that isobutanol could be a replacement. Xiaoxia “Nina” Lin, the lead researcher argue that while much previous research has…

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