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Proterro secures $3.5 million to scale up production of sugar for biofuels from photosynthesising bacteria [Registered]

The US based startup Proterro recently secured U$3.5 million from venture capitalists to advance its technology to produce cheap sugar at high yields using photosynthetic microorganisms. Proterro’s technology comprises bioengineered photosynthetic cyanobacteria that produces sucrose continuously. “This capital infusion will support our continued work on optimizing the genetic engineering of the microorganism and adding to our patent portfolio,” said Proterro CEO Kef Kasdin. “The funds also will enable us to accelerate the path to business partnerships, through piloting a full-scale photobioreactor and completing designs for our demonstration-scale facility,” she explained. Proterro claims that once they have refined their technology, it…

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