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Vitroplantas Project of the EEAOC (Tucumán, Argentina): results at the stage of hardening of plantlets in a greenhouse (2001-2017) [Full subscriber]

Abstract         In 2001, the Estación Experimental Agroindustrial Obispo Colombres (EEAOC) started the Vitroplantas Project in order to provide sugarcane growers with high-quality seed cane (free from systemic diseases and with guaranteed genetic purity) of commercial cultivars so as to improve productivity of new plantings.  The Vitroplantas Project consists of the following stages: i) production of plantlets (vitroplantas) in the laboratory, from meristems extracted from healthy donor plants, ii) hardening of vitroplantas in a greenhouse, and iii) sequential propagation of material in nurseries and distribution to growers in the Tucumán area.  Within these stages, hardening of plantlets is one of fundamental…

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