International Sugar Journal

The ultrasonic-assisted extraction of sugar from sugar beet cossettes [Full subscriber]

The effectiveness of ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) of sucrose from beet cossettes was evaluated by comparing of various properties (concentration of soluble solids, sucrose, nature of impurities) of sugar beet juices obtained. It was shown that application of UAE results in lower concentration of colloidal impurities (especially, pectins), higher recovery of sucrose(94.0±0.15%) and purity of juice (92.6±0.11%) using water under optimal conditions: extraction temperature of 50 °C, ultrasonic time 40 min, ultrasonic power 400 W, and juice to cossettes ratio at 115%. The observation of microstructure by scanning electron microscope showed that different ultrasound treatment times led to the damage of…

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