International Sugar Journal

The race is on: review, advances and challenges for integrated and sustainable management of sugarcane brown rust and orange rust in Colombia* [Full subscriber]

Abstract      Sugarcane is an important crop in Colombia, being planted in 230,000 ha in the Cauca River Valley and grown by 13 mills and 2,750 farmers. This paper illustrates the strategy for management of brown rust (BR) (Puccinia melanocephala) and orange rust (OR) (P. kuehnii) diseases since their arrival in 1978 and 2010, respectively. BR initially caused up to 9% yield losses on imported susceptible varieties, so CENICAÑA-Colombia (CC) started a breeding program in 1981 that included BR resistance. CC85-92 and CC84-75 varieties were released in 1991, reaching by 2010 almost 90% of the area; BR infected them in 2007,…

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