International Sugar Journal

The occurrence of Chilo sacchariphagus and its egg parasitoid wasps in sugarcane plantations in Guangxi China [Full subscriber]

Abstract The moth stalk borer Chilo sacchariphagus is the most destructive insect pests limiting the production of sugarcane in Guangxi province, China. Current control strategies are mainly focused to the application of chemical insecticides. During 2016-18, the occurrence of the overwintering generation of C. sacchariphagus and its egg parasitic wasps Trichogramma chilonis and Telenomus dignus were investigated. Findings showed that the overwintering generation of C. sacchariphagus began to emerge in early March and the peak of adult emergence was from the mid-March to early April. At the beginning of peak period, fewer egg masses were laid by C. sacchariphagus and percentage of…

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