International Sugar Journal

The effects of natural and induced short-term floods on four sugarcane accessions [Full subscriber]

A study was initiated at the USDA/ARS Subtropical Horticulture Research Station, Miami, Florida, USA to evaluate the potential for flood tolerance in several accessions from Saccharum barberi (Jeswiet) and S. sinense (Roxb. Amend. Jeswiet) sugarcane genera. The experimental design included 4 accessions, Kewali, Mangwa (S. barberi), Guilini, and Kacai (S. sinense). There were two flood durations of 4 or 7 days with non-flooded controls and three replications of each treatment. Photosynthesis (Ps), transpiration (Tr) and stomatal resistance (RS) were measured during the growing season. At harvest plot weight, stalk and leaf dimensions, and sugar content were determined. Photosynthetic rates tended…

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