International Sugar Journal

The assessment of quantitative and qualitative yield related traits in some Iranian and foreign sugar beet cultivars under natural rhizomania infection conditions [Full subscriber]

Abstract Field trials conducted in 2014 and 2015 at the Miandoab Agricultural and Natural Resources Research station, Iran, evaluated the relative resistance of 16 sugar beet cultivars to Rhizomania. Eleven important agro-physiological traits were assessed, including root yield, sugar yield, white sugar yield, α-amino nitrogen, alkalinity coefficient, and white sugar content. The cultivar F-20928 and Sharif (the sensitive check)  produced the highest and lowest beet yields of 89.68 and 43.69 t/ha, respectively. Simple correlation analysis showed that the maximum negative and positive significant (p≤0.01) correlations were observed between root yield trait and sugar content (-0.61**) and sugar yield (0.90**) traits,…

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