International Sugar Journal

Ten years of area-wide integrated pest management with a push-pull component against Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in sugarcane in the Midlands North region of Kwazulu-Natal* [Full subscriber]

Abstract In 1988, Eldana saccharina was found for the first time on six sugarcane farms in the Midlands North area. By 1994, the borer had spread to 32 farms, with a peak of 115 E. saccharina (e) per 100 stalks. In 2004, a further 14 farms were affected, the worst showing a level of 129 e/100 stalks. This prompted the region in 2005 to embark on an area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM) approach against E. saccharina. This included promoting already known management practices, resistant varieties, and a habitat management system (push-pull) to manage E. saccharina in sugarcane. However, uptake of…

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