International Sugar Journal

Survey of sugarcane moth borers in southeast Vietnam [Full subscriber]

Southeast Vietnam hosts the third largest acreage under sugarcane with approximately 50,000 ha (after Mekong River Delta and Northern Central region). This paper reviews observations made on moth borers that adversely impacted sugarcane production during 2001 – 2009 in the southeast. Findings indicated that there were 8 sugarcane moth borers and their 37 natural enemies (21 parasites and 16 predators). Amongst them, the internode borer Chilo sacchariphagus, the purple borer Phragmataecia castaneae and the big pink borer Sesamia sp. were identified as the major pests. The egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis, larval parasitoid Cotesia flavipes, papal parasitoid Tetrastichus howardi and predator…

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