International Sugar Journal

Sugarcane productivity, soil health and nitrogen use dynamics in a bio-nutrition based multi-ratooning system under Indian sub-tropics [Full subscriber]

In a field experiment during 2003-2008 sugarcane cv. Co Se 92423 (Saccharum spp. complex hybrid) was supplied with 10 tonnes/ha each of farmyard manure, vermicompost, bio-gas slurry or sulphitation press mud, or recommended NPK rate of 150:60:60 kg/ha. At the end of the experiment, significant increase in soil organic carbon (0.62 to 0.67 %), soil nitrogen (0.069 to 0.082%) and water infiltration rate (5.7 to 5.9 mm/hr) were observed with organic manures, compared with initial 0.32% organic carbon, 0.039% soil nitrogen and 4.1 mm/hr infiltration rate. Bulk density decreased to between 1.23 t and 1.24 t/m3 with organic manures compared…

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