International Sugar Journal

Sugar beet pulp fiber is a source of bioactive food and feed ingredients [Full subscriber]

Abstract The demand for healthy food ingredients and clean labels is increasing. Sugar beet polysaccharides and protein have several health-promoting bioactivities. Pectin, hemicellulose and cellulose polysaccharides were extracted from sugar beet pulp. One of the proteins associated with sugar beet pectin is extensin.  Sugar beet pectin is an excellent oil-in-water emulsifier in beverages, in part due to 9% protein content, and can be used for microencapsulation of lipophilic food ingredients. The interacting complexes and covalent conjugates between sugar beet pectin and the dairy protein β-lactoglobulin were characterized in detail. These new hybrid systems showed noticeably improved oil-in-water emulsifying stability properties.…

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