International Sugar Journal

Solution for dextran problem with applications of dextran detection kit and dextranase in China cane/beet sugar factories [Full subscriber]

Abstract Anti-dextran monoclonal antibody immuno-nephelometry quantitative detection kit (or dextran detection kit) and dextranase are necessary components for dealing with dextran in sugar factories in China. In this paper, we have demonstrated the detection and elimination of dextran in cane/beet sugar factories. The level of dextran in incoming cane or sugar beet, and in the intermediate and final products were determined with the dextran detection kit. Dextranase was applied at 15 g/ton or beet or cane and dextran elimination levels monitored. Boiling efficiency was measured and found to improve following dextranase addition. Economic analysis indicated that in a cane sugar…

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