International Sugar Journal

Screening of bioflocculant-producing bacteria and its application in clarification process of sugarcane juice [Full subscriber]

Abstract Two strains (N-25 and Z-24) of high bioflocculant-producing bacteria were isolated from activated sludge samples. The flocculation activities of bioflocculants from N-25 and Z-24 for kaolin suspension (5 g/L) were both more than 75%. Based on the biochemical properties and 16S rDNA sequence analysis, strains N-25 and Z-24 were identified as Proteus vulgaris and Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae, respectively. The bioflocculants from N-25 and Z-24 were named BN-25 and BZ-24, and then applied in the clarification process of sugarcane juice. The optimal clarification conditions of bioflocculants BN-25 and BZ-24 were compared with polyacrylamide (PAM). Applications of bioflocculants BN-25 and…

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