International Sugar Journal

Salinity tolerance of some sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) cultivars in hydroponic medium [Full subscriber]

Three-weeks-old sugarcane (Saccharum sp.) cultivars CP66-346, CP65-357, CP70-321, CP59-73 and NCo310 were exposed to NaCl concentrations of 0, 17, 34 or 68 mM for two weeks in a hydroponic system (Hoagland modified medium), corresponding to an electric conductivity of 1.00, 2.83, 4.26, and 6.63 mS/cm, respectively. Salinity stress variously impacted both plant growth and survival. Plant mortality increased with increasing salinity stress, with cultivar CP66-346 (5%) having the lowest mortality rate, cultivars CP70-321 (21.7%) and CP65-357 (20%) had the highest. In response to the salinity stress, reduction in shoot growth was lowest for cultivars CP66-346 (19.5%) and NCo310 (24.3%) and…

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