International Sugar Journal

Response of selected South African coastal sugarcane varieties to chemical ripeners: Active ingredient effectiveness and associated impacts on grower and miller sustainability* [Full subscriber]

Abstract Evaluation of varietal responses to ripeners is a necessary sugarcane research function. This paper underlines this necessity through analyses of data from a rainfed trial conducted over two seasons. Ethephon®, Fusilade Forte® and their combination were ground-applied to replicated plots. At harvest, recoverable value per cent (RV%), juice purity (JP) and yields (cane and RV) were determined. Recommended input costs and applicable RV price were used to estimate gross margins (GMs). A Sugar-Juice-Molasses (SJM) balance calculation was used to estimate potential implications of JP-driven influences on factory sucrose recovery. Ethephon® failed to increase RV% in the varieties N55 and…

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