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Ratooning ability of sugarcane genotypes at different harvesting dates [Full subscriber]

In a field experiment during 2007-2009 at the Sugarcane Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad, Pakistan, plant crops of varieties CP 85-1491, S2001-SP-104, S2002-US-452, S2002-US-628, S2003-US-114 and HSF-240 (cultivar) were harvested on 1st November, 1st December, 1st January, 1st February and 1st March (2007-2008) and the subsequent ratoon crops were harvested in February 2009. Yield parameters (sprouting, millable canes, cane production) were generally highest in the plant crop harvested on 1st February, with the average cane yield of 79.11 t/ha. While the CCS content was lowest crops ratooned in February, the overall sugar yields were still highest from February ratooned crops. S2003-US-114,…

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