International Sugar Journal

Productive diversification from sugarcane lignocellulosic byproducts † [Full subscriber]

The actual process of sugar and ethanol production in Mexico only uses the carbohydrates in the sugarcane juice and molasses. Cane crop residues or trash, bagasse and pith, constitutes the lignicellulosic byproducts (biomass) of this industry. In this work, three production alternatives were investigated: edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus, pulp and paper and fermentable sugar productions from cane crop residues and bagasse. The characterisation of byproducts was carried out according to AOAC test. For the case of mushroom production, sugarcane trash and a 50:50 mixture of trash and bagasse showed the highest yields (biological efficiencies) of 106% and 103% respectively. For…

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