International Sugar Journal

Preliminary screening of Saccharum spp. germplasm against the pink borer Sesamia inferens Walker [Full subscriber]

Abstract During 2010-2013, 131 germplasm accessions of different Saccharum species, viz. S. robustum, S. barberi and S. sinense were screened under field conditions for their relative degree of resistance against the pink borer Sesamia inferens (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Damage assessment was based on percent dead-hearts and accessions were classified into five categories. Among the germplasm tested, 33 accessions were classified as resistant, 32 moderately resistant, 22 susceptible and 18 highly susceptible, accounting for 25.2, 24.4, 16.8 and 13.7% of the total accessions. Twenty six accessions were not damaged at all over the three years of study and hence were categorised…

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