International Sugar Journal

Occurrence of insect pests of sugarcane and their natural enemies in relation with weather parameters and effect on cane quality [Full subscriber]

Abstract Field studies were conducted with one cane cultivar in Punjab, India to monitor the incidence of key insect pests and their natural enemies in Sugarcane. The incidence of early shoot borer was 2.96% and cumulative incidence of top borer was 13.20%. Stalk borer infestation at harvest was 9.62%. Over the period 2006-09, Pyrilla perpusilla incidence was low (0.33 insects per leaf) while Aleurolobus barodensis incidence varied from nil to traces. Isotima javensis, Rhaconotus scirpophagae and Stenobracon sp. were recorded as major parasitoids of top borer larvae and pupae from March to September in each season/year. While Cotesia flavipes was…

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