International Sugar Journal

Molecular diagnostic of both brown and orange sugarcane rust and evaluation of sugarcane brown rust resistance in Tucumán, Argentina, using molecular markers associated with Bru1 a broad-range resistance allele* [Full subscriber]

Abstract Brown rust (Puccinia melanocephala), first reported in Tucumán in 1988, and orange rust (P. kuehnii), not yet reported in Argentina, cause important yield loss in global sugarcane production. Due to the difficulties of distinguishing between the two diseases in sugarcane to the naked eye, it is essential to use molecular techniques for an accurate rust diagnosis. A major gene, Bru1, which confers resistance to a broad spectrum of P. melanocephala strains in different parts of the world, has been described, and molecular markers closely associated to this allele have been developed. It is the aim of the present study…

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