International Sugar Journal

Moisture and tensile strength properties of starch-sugar cane nanofibre films* [Full subscriber]

There is an increasing need for biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastics to replace the petroleum-based non-degradable plastics which litter and pollute the environment. Starch-based plastic film composites are becoming a popular alternative because of their low cost, biodegradability, the abundance of starch, and ease with which starch-based films can be chemically modified. This paper reports on the results of using sugar cane bagasse nanofibres to improve the physicochemical properties of starch-based polymers. The addition of bagasse nanofibre (5, 10 or 20 wt%) to (modified) potato starch (‘Soluble starch’) reduced the moisture uptake by up to 17 % at 58 % relative…

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