International Sugar Journal

Modernising sugarcane diagnostics [Full subscriber]

Abstract         Sugarcane disease diagnostics play an instrumental role in biosecurity and disease management. There has been considerable investment in improving disease diagnostic tests for some exotic and established sugarcane pathogens in recent years. However, for some important pathogens, the diagnostic test development had not been upgraded for many years. This paper describes the progress in upgrading diagnostic tests for nine of these pathogens/diseases: Fiji leaf gall (Fiji disease virus), Leaf scald (Xanthomonas albilineans), Sugarcane mosaic virus, Maize chlorotic mottle virus, Sugarcane-infecting mastreviruses, Sugarcane yellow leaf virus, Red leaf mottle (Peanut clump virus), Ramu stunt virus, and Sugarcane-infecting phytoplasma (white leaf,…

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