International Sugar Journal

Microbial oil production by oleaginous yeasts on wastewaters-based medium [Full subscriber]

Different molasses/slops and slops/glycerol ratios were used as substrate to investigate single cell protein and total lipids production by five yeasts strains: Yarrowia lipolytica, Rh. mucilaginosa, S. cerevisiae, Rhodotorula glutinis and Candida vini. The media utilized were: a) 30:70 (molasses/slops) and; b) 30:70 (slops/glycerol) both on Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) basis. The highest single cell protein production was obtained by Y. lipolytica (23.8 g/L) and C. vinis (24.2 g/L) both on slops/glycerol mixtures. COD reduction in both cases was higher than 40%. Highest lipid concentrations were achieved for Rh. glutinis (20%) on slops/glycerol media and C. vini (19%) in molasses/slops…

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