International Sugar Journal

Immunonephelometry method for detection of dextran: a comparison with ICUMSA Haze method and its use in Chinese sugar factories* [Full subscriber]

Abstract The problems associated with dextran during cane sugar and beet sugar processing are well documented in the literature. An immunonephelometry method, based on monoclonal antibody technology, was compared with the ICUMSA Haze method. Both immunonephelometry and Haze methods gave varied responses to different average molecular weights (MWs) of dextran. The immunonephelometry method had a lower detection limit and was more sensitive to high MW dextrans, which may lead to a better understanding of their impact and practical guidance for dextranase addition in sugar factories. Dextran in 44 sugar samples detected by these two methods had a correlation R2=0.9713 in…

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